Debian Quickstart Project

Chris Lale (

January 8, 2007

1 Purpose

To create a cheap, easy to copy and reproduce, freely distributable Debian starter pack with live CD, installer and easy to follow documentation. The aim would be to get copies into public libraries, school libraries, academic libraries, etc, as well as giving Debian users and event organisers something to pass on to others by hand. The starter pack should make it clear that copying and redistribution of both documentation and CD is allowed and encouraged.

2 Outline

The project will consist of

  1. A Debian Live! CD containing

    1. a live Debian distribution and
    2. a netinstall installer selectable at boot.

    The live CD will contain a GUI and tools capable of the non-destructive repartitioning of a Windows partition.

  2. Documentation to accompany the CD. When printed, the documentation will form a slim booklet outlining the Debian GNU/Linux project, describing how to use the live CD and giving instructions for the installer.
  3. CD label artwork.

3 Possible CD contents

3.1 Software

3.2 CD label

4 Possible documentation contents

4.1 Text

4.2 Format

5 Possible licencing

The GNU Free Documentation License might be suitable.

If the booklet needs an ISBN, front and back cover matter might be needed.

6 Distribution

The Project will need a web presence - perhaps Berlios or Sourceforge - with these requirements: